Faces of Archaeology

Faces of Archaeology, WAC 2013

I’m currently printing a couple of hundred images that are the result of a recent collaboration with Colleen Morgan and the World Archaeological Congress, called Faces of Archaeology. Here’s the concept:

While scholarship and science can mask their practitioners, the individuals involved in archaeological research are nevertheless a diverse group.  Such diversity, however, is not always easy to see in the discipline.  However, the latest generation of archaeologists has interrogated the question of who conducts archaeological research and the significance of this answer perhaps more explicitly than in any previous era. As a global organization, the World Archaeological Congress (WAC) endeavors to represent, integrate, and further a diverse body of archaeological participants. This project will reinforce these principles, making them visible through a body of photographic work.

We shot over 100 portraits of archaeologists who were in attendance at the WAC Congress, held in Jordan this past January (2013).  We put them on their own little Tumblr site, and we mercilessly populated the cyberwaves of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with their portraits.  I *think* most participants enjoyed the whole deal, except for the occasional contrarian (but they still signed the release)!

One set of prints are each scheduled to travel from here (Hawai’i) over to Illinois and Turkey, in order to make appearances at the TAG (Theoretical Archaeology Group) meetings in Chicago and Istanbul this summer.  Cool.  @clmorgan will hang one show and @kitabet another, if everything goes right.  Fingers crossed.

There’s also a short article in the works that drills into the question of who is doing archaeology and attending WAC these days.  We think it’s a question worth asking and worth thinking about, and one that dovetails nicely with individual archaeologists themselves.

To all that supported the project including the WAC Executive Committee – and most especially the participants themselves – thank you!

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