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The Stephen Horde at home in Arizona (Photo credit: David Edwards)

Name: Jesse Ward Stephen (second primate from right)
Residence: Kaneohe, Hawaiʻi
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Credentials: PhD (University of Hawai’i); RPA
Current positionArchaeologist, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (Honolulu)
LinkedIn: jessestephen
Instagram: @findjesse
Twitter: @findjesse
Google+: Jesse Stephen


I started young. That happens when you’re born to two anthropologists.

From playing around petroglyphs in the American Southwest to cleaning Neanderthal artifacts in a rural French farmhouse, some of my finest experiences growing up were the result of my parents asking one simple question:

What is being human?

It turns out that that is a really good question. There is a lot to answer, you come to see.


Susie and I Honeymooning on the Banks of the Dordogne


As time has passed some things have changed, and some things haven’t.

I’m a lucky guy married to a gorgeous gal, and together we’re embarking on only more adventures.

I work as a bona-fide archaeologist (instead of as an illicit child-laborer archaeologist). I am largely up to the same old shenanigans (but have degrees). I still lug cameras everywhere (although they continually change size and format).

But through it all, the question of being human remains more pressing than ever.


Just one volleyball short of Cast Away, Tokelau-style


Growing out of my twin fascinations with archaeology and photography, Should Be Digging brings them together.

It’s largely a response to all the incredible archaeology I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with over the years and the many stories and experiences that go along with such an adventure. Photography (and video, when I get around to it) barely scratch the surface, but life is too short not to try.

My hope is that I’ll come to know the saga of our species just a little better, and maybe be able to share part of that with you. Looking at the world in this way is truly, in the words of the late filmmaker and anthropologist Jean Rouch, “the adventure of the real”.

To those glimpses of the bigger picture. Thanks for stopping by and happy trails.

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